Established in 1998, Southern Air has grown to a thriving concern in to the competitive world. Southern Air, a leading agency in Trivandrum is the subsidiary of Mr. . We are offering industrial products like oxygen cylinder, hydrogen cylinder, CO2 cylinder and nitrogen cylinder in up gradation of quality standards from time to time. The success of the company is based on the combination of quality and competitiveness. We have earned a well deserved reputation for quality assurance, consistency, and reliability expertise in servicing to each stage from our customers. We offer 24/7 customer service for our clients.


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Hydrogen is a colorless gas..


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Oxygen Cylinders

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Nitrogen Cylinders

Building and operating air..

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In combination with a fuel gas such as acetylene, hydrogen or LPG, it is used in welding, cutting, brazing, hardening, scarfing, flame cleaning and heating. Oxygen is used in the manufacture of steel, glass, ethylene oxide, methanol, acrolein, titanium dioxide, vinyl acetate and synthesis gas. Oxygen can be considered for use in any chemical reaction where air is used to give faster reaction time and higher yields. A typical use would be in the treatment of refuse and effluent.

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